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purpose of the company

Science and technology service, energy conservation and environmental protection, efficient service, return to society.

company policy

To produce high-quality products, provide first-class services, fulfill all commitments, and maintain stable development.

company objectives

Based on the stable development of diversified operation, the company is driven by high-tech industries to achieve leapfrog development.

company development strategy

Take the opportunity of restructuring, realize scientific management and democratic decision-making, and standardize the establishment of company management system, incentive mechanism and performance appraisal system. In line with the market economy, we should adopt flexible and effective market strategies, consolidate the existing market, open up potential market, carry out extensive foreign cooperation, and promote the diversified operation of the company. Implement the talent strategy and improve the core competitiveness of the company.

company talent concept

Make the best of people's talents, compete for posts, and work first and then.