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In 1992, the agricultural, industrial and commercial industry company of Drilling Technology Research Institute and Macao fengchanghang jointly invested 290000 US dollars to establish a Sino foreign joint venture Dongying Lifeng chemical new material Co., Ltd. the first product, colorful coating, was put into production in November of the same year.

In 1993, 780000 yuan was invested to build a new workshop.

Li Feng building decoration engineering company was established in 1994.

New paint production line project in 1995.

In 1996, 5.7 million yuan was invested to expand the factory building, improve the test facilities, and introduce advanced production technology and technology from abroad. The laboratory development, evaluation and lofting production of oilfield auxiliaries were started.

In 1997, another 750000 yuan was invested for technical innovation, forming an annual output of 3000 tons of paint and 1500 tons of building paint. In the same year, the field promotion of high temperature temporary plugging agent began.

In 1999, it passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, and in the same year, the science and Technology Committee of Shengli Petroleum Administration carried out the achievement appraisal on the high temperature temporary plugging agent.

In 2000, the research and development of polymer solution viscosity stabilizer in Shengli Petroleum Administration was listed as one of the eight high-tech industrialization projects in 2000, and entered the industrial setting out at the end of the year

Production stage. In the same year, the interior and exterior wall latex paint produced by the company was rated as Tibet aid product by Shandong Province.

When the joint venture expired in 2002, Fengchang Bank of Macao withdrew its capital and transferred it to the full investment of Lifeng industry and trade.

In 2004, Lifeng chemical was restructured along with Lifeng industry and Trade Corporation of Shengli Oilfield. In the same year, it passed the ISO14000 environmental system certification.

In 2005, it became the unit of China Coating Industry Association.

In 2007, Lushan road was reconstructed and the company decided to move.

In 2008, Xinhui chemical industry land was purchased in Haojia Industrial Park, Kenli County.

In 2009, Lifeng chemical completed the relocation from Lushan road to Fusheng road in Kenli County.

In 2010, the new plant passed the acceptance of safety assessment and environmental assessment, and reapplied for and passed the ISO9001 quality system and ISO14000 environmental system certification

In 2011, the construction of the comprehensive scientific research building was started and successfully passed the review of the national science and Technology Department, the Department of Finance and other departments, becoming a "national high-tech enterprise".

In 2012, the comprehensive scientific research building was completed, and the second workshop laid the foundation.

In 2013, the second workshop was completed and put into use. Obtained the national industrial product production license.

In 2014, Shandong Lifeng research cooperation base of Guangzhou Institute of chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shandong Lifeng analysis and testing center, and Shandong Lifeng promotion center of Zhejiang Academy of applied technology were listed in Dongying Lifeng new chemical materials Co., Ltd., marking the official settlement of "one base and two centers" of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

In 2015, our company obtained the certificate of "Dongying petroleum auxiliary engineering laboratory" issued by Dongying development and Reform Commission

In 2016, the project department for the industrialization of oilfield chemicals was established to expand the market.

In July 2017, Lifeng chemical was successfully listed on the Fourth Board of Qilu equity trading center with the equity code of Lifeng new material 301898. The operation of the capital market provides a broader space for the development of the enterprise.

In 2018, the stock reform data of Lifeng chemical industry passed the examination of the industrial and commercial bureau of Kenli District, and the fourth stock reform of chemical industry ended perfectly, laying a good foundation for the healthy and long-term development of our company.

In 2019, On March 6, the manufacturing of the second batch of overseas water injection skids of Lifeng Chemical Co., Ltd. was completed and successfully packed and shipped to Kazakhstan. The successful shipment of the second batch of water injection skids marked the gradual maturity of the company's overseas business.