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Production and sales of petroleum auxiliaries, coatings, petroleum drilling and production tools; research and development of new chemical technology and materials; indoor and outdoor decoration; technical service of building material detection, environmental monitoring, petroleum technology development and service, environmental protection technology development and service, industrial automation, energy-saving technical service, drilling fluid and well cementing, fracturing and acidizing technical service; chemical products (excluding hazardous) Sales of hazardous chemicals), electric equipment, electric equipment and building materials ; drilling fluid and operation waste liquid treatment, solid waste treatment, sewage treatment and comprehensive utilization, construction and service of water injection well depressurization and injection increase, installation and construction of ground source heat pump, mud solidification, pipeline plugging and anti-corrosion engineering; information integration and service of production and operation system; import and export business of general business project goods and technology self operated and agent; enterprise management consulting service. (for projects subject to approval according to law, business activities can be carried out only after approval by relevant departments)