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        The R & D center of the company is rated as municipal enterprise technology center and municipal engineering laboratory. Now it has 30 professional and technical personnel. In order to enhance its innovation ability, it has successively established a production university research association with Chinese Academy of Sciences, China University of petroleum, Southwest Petroleum University, Yangtze River university and other universities and scientific research institutions, successfully developed a variety of clean and environmental protection products, and obtained a number of scientific and technological achievements. In cooperation with Guangzhou Institute of chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, it has the ability to undertake chemical composition testing technical services externally Business, environmental air monitoring and other business capabilities; in cooperation with the Applied Technology Research Institute of Zhejiang Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shandong Lifeng promotion center of Applied Technology Research Institute of Zhejiang Academy of Sciences was established to promote new projects and technologies in Shandong region, accelerate the speed of achievement transformation and promote local economic development; the company always adheres to continuous innovation, pursues excellence, walks in the front of technology, and has reserved Dozens of Oilfield Chemical practical formulas and technical process integration have been achieved, with the ability to develop systems according to blocks and provide solutions, products and technical services; the company has 30 patents and 5 achievements appraisal.

A special R & D room, test field and testing room have been set up, and R & D and testing instruments such as salt spray box and ultraviolet aging test box have been purchased. The number of various measuring instruments, testing instruments and supporting equipment in the laboratory has reached 82 (sets). Taking the opportunity of comprehensive strategic cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, we strengthened the laboratory construction, purchased high-precision Fourier infrared spectrometer, organic chlorine detector, ozone generator, distilled water preparation instrument, high-speed disperser and other laboratory instruments produced by Agilent company of the United States, and created good facilities for laboratory research, development and test.